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About IPS

At IPS Graphics our highly experienced team have in combined years been supplying industrial printing services to OEM’s, a wide range of manufacturing industries and specialist design agencies for over 60 years. Yet despite the changing times our team’s philosophy has always been to provide a service to our customers rather than just goods.

We are a family business which, with our combined expertise, in depth knowledge of manufacturing printing as well as marketing enables us to work with a wide range of materials enables us to assist you in creating a cost effective design and a quality end product to suit your specific application needs. 

In the last few years we have invested in new digital technology to support the needs of our customers, yet we continue to produce high quality screen printing which as a process is still as important today as it was 35 years ago.
Every customer is unique and so we use the right process suitable for your application and whatever the size of the order every customer will receive a complete professional and personal service; from artwork through to delivery.
Find out more about our services, the sectors we have worked in as well as previous work and applications throughout the website.

To find out more about how our expertise can help your specific industrial printing requirements. Ask IPS