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Printing onto Metal, Glass & Mouldings

In recent years we have seen a growing requirement to print on metal which has required our technical expertise as not all metal substrates are the same and so it is important for us to understand our customers’ requirements in how the product will be used and in what type of environment so we utilise the right inks and the right printing techniques.

The metal substrates sent to us for printing are at times not raw metal; they feature coatings and treatments that affect how the metal will react with certain inks, therefore we understand and can support our customer in understanding how well inks printed on the metal will resist scratching and fading.

Plastic mouldings come in many shapes, some simple some complex, with curved outlines and textured finishes. However through the versatility of screen printing we can help with the most challenging of application in creating the right end product for your requirements.

Need to print direct on to metal or other specific surface? Ask IPS