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Chemical Container Label.
IPS were requested by a major oil and chemical company to produce container labels that met the high EU specification, the most stringent being immersion in the sea for 6 months to be then washed up onto the shore and still being readable.
With consultation with substrate, adhesive and laminate manufacturers IPS produced this label. We also developed a cutting system which sealed the edges against water penetration.

Bomb Proof Label.
We have developed and manufactured a label for use in oil pumping installations which will when in a controlled area survive a bomb blast and still be readable to emergency services.

Telecom Lenses/Equipment Windows
IPS produce a range of bespoke lenses for use in industrial, commercial and military applications these are of toughened clear material which can be customized printed and cut to various profiles.

Tracker System Circuits.
In conjunction with a tracker system manufacturer IPS have developed a range of very robust flexible circuits which are attached to vehicles, trailers and capital equipment.

These circuits are the tracker in the vehicle and must stand up to rough use including in earth moving equipment power washing. IPS developed a conductive ink system that will withstand substantial misuse, the adhesive used was also suitable for harsh environments.

Food Manufacturing.
IPS produce a range of food manufacturing equipment labels, fascia panels and curtains for contamination control. All these products meet stringent requirements for adhesion and ink specification.

Microwave Oven Doors.
IPS Managing Director, Peter Smith was one of the first Europeans to develop the manufacture of inner and outer customised microwave oven door screens these were supplied to all major Japanese domestic appliance manufacturers in the UK Europe and North America.
The development included sourcing various thickness materials in some cases tinted to specific colour, the cutting had to be to a very tight tolerance and the material had to be completely scratch and blemish free. The protective films had to be easily removable on a production line leaving no residue. The printing was developed to be under surface which the Japanese incorporated in their production in Japan.
The development of this product took many months and required special cutting and laminating machinery being produced to meet the very high quality requirements.

Printing onto metal or plastic containers.
A process of jigging has been developed to enable the fast and accurate printing of shaped containers to a high quality.
Various ink systems have been developed to meet a wide range of applications including military and commercial.

Heart Monitor Circuit.
In conjunction with a medical electronics company and their design consultants IPS were asked to develop a flexible circuit to attach to a patient for up to 24 hours to monitor heart and lung function during their normal day.

The development included the conductive silver system, the dielectrics, and adhesives which were compatible to skin contact for 24 hours.
IPS also developed a complex packaging system which was medically approved.

The whole product took 2 years for US approval and is now used extensively in the US, a further development by IPS is a military version with added functions.