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Graphic Overlays

Control and fascia panels are more commonly known today under the heading of graphic overlays. As a consumer we are continually interacting with products that will typically use a graphic overlay. Throughout the industrial manufacturing, engineering, medical and telecommunications sectors, printed materials designed for installation as a form of signage and serve for a multitude of purposes.
Available in PVC, Polycarbonate or Polyester, these are under -surface printed for durability and permanence of legend, which can be user changeable legends for insertion of variable information
Working closely with our network of suppliers we offer a range of specialised adhesives for various surfaces and there are gloss, matt, satin, velvet surface finishes available. All can be scratch resistant if required.
Dependent on your application they can be created with display windows suitable for LCD display or secret till lit filter colours. Embossed keypads or Brail areas can be created for use with discreet switches.
They can be supplied complete on support panels, plastic or metal.

Do you need help in designing and sourcing the correct material for a graphic overlay? Ask IPS